It's Kickboxing Day

More Than Fitness Classes

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping is more than a gym. It’s a group of coaches, members, and instructors who share your goals and encourage you every step of your journey in and outside the gym. You’ll be in the right place!
10-Week Challenge

If you’re eager to make constructive changes in your health and wellness, enroll in the Farrell's 10-Week Challenge. You’ll see real results—guaranteed! Ready to get moving today? You can even start classes before your challenge begins!

Fitness kickboxing will get you your cardio fix. Strength training will create lean muscle. Personal coaches and certified trainers will cheer you on—in the gym and beyond. You’ll crush your objectives here! You could even be the winner of our $1,000 Challenge.

Farrell's Infinite Transformation (FIT)

Once you finish the 10-Week Challenge, you’ll find new goals to chase in the gym. That’s why we made FIT—Farrell's Infinite Transformation. FIT helps you continue your health journey with new training and FIT Plus nutrition coaching in the same group fitness classes. It’s exactly what you need to stay committed and inspired for the new challenges ahead. Best of all, FIT members can enroll to win $10,000 in our annual Farrell's National Challenge.


Nutrition can be confusing. But the habits we teach are easy to follow! From quick and delicious meal plans to inclusive nutrition coaching, Farrell's will help you learn healthy eating for added energy and excellent results.

Teen Challenge
Farrell's isn’t just for adults. The Farrell's 8-Week Teen Challenge helps teens stay in shape, build endurance for sports, or just stay off the couch. Designed after our 10-Week Challenge, the Teen Challenge includes fitness kickboxing, strength training, and nutrition education. It not only keeps teens active, it provides healthy habits that can make a real effect on their lives.
Farrell's Kids
It’s never too early to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Farrell's Kids is a fun, weeklong program that encourages young people to eat right and exercise each day. Do you have children with energy to spare? This is the place!
A Free Week on Us
Today is the day to start your transformation, plus you can get a week at no cost. Begin your journey to a better you!