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What Would You Do with $10,000?

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That’s the question Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping will be asking our two upcoming 2017 National Challenge winners.

Beginning in 2008, Farrell’s introduced the National Challenge. Similar to our 10-week $1,000 challenge, this contest offers more incentive for dedication committing to a healthy lifestyle. To be considered in the running, members must register, complete regular fitness testing, attend classes throughout the year, and submit their transformation stories. Participants with the biggest transformation after one year win $10,000.

In 2001 Farrell’s launched its first 10-week fitness contest awarding $1,000 to the member with the biggest transformation. The class was limited to 50 people and $20 from each participant’s entry fee went towards the $1,000 contest. This is how Farrell’s began the $1,000 prize. Each location awards either one or two $1,000 prizes each 10-week session (four times a year). The Farrell’s program combines strength training, fitness kickboxing, nutrition guidance, and coaching accountability to lead people to great results. After the initial 10-weeks participants from across all Farrell’s locations can commit to the National Challenge. Since 2001, Farrell’s has given away over $1.7 million across all locations in our $1,000 and $10,000 challenges.

Not only does Farrell’s give back to members physically, mentally, and monetarily, but Farrell’s also guarantees results with our full money-back guarantee.

States Founder and CEO Lance Farrell, “We’re very blessed to have such great owners, instructors and coaches who are dedicated to helping people reach their goals. Being able to give back to them in this way is truly unique and witnessing so many great success stories fuels our fire to help even more people.”

Next week, from January 22-26, our franchise owners will be voting on our 2017 winners with an announcement to follow.

This is an exciting time for us to give back to our members who have committed to living Life at Level 10.

Past Farrell's National Challenge winners

Past Farrell’s National Challenge winners include:

2016 Male Winner: Michael C. from Farrell’s East Peoria, IL

2016 Female Winner: Julie I. from Farrell’s Madison, WI

2015 Winner: Liz H. from Farrell’s Shoreview, MN

2014 Winner: Kurtis B. from Farrell’s White Bear Lake, MN

2013 Winner: Erica T. from Farrell’s Lincoln, NE

2012 Winner: Joel J. from Farrell’s West Des Moines, IA – Ashworth

2011 Winner: Paul W. from Farrell’s Omaha, NE

2010 Winner: Merit S. from Farrell’s Grimes, IA

2009 Winner: Kevin M. from Farrell’s West Des Moines, IA - Ashworth

2008 Winner: Alan S. from Farrell’s Grimes, IA

Learn more about Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, our National Challenge, and our 10-Week Challenge!

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