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New Ownership Opportunity in Altoona, Iowa

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Dave and Jennifer Schilling had a life goal of owning a small business, something they never thought would be possible. After years of saying, “someday,” the opportunity arose to take over ownership of the Farrell’s ownership in Altoona, Iowa, and they pounced!


Dave and Jennifer’s Story:

New Farrell's Altoona owners Dave and Jennifer Schilling with Lance FarrellOur Farrell’s journey began in October 2016 when my wife, Jennifer, enrolled in her 10-week session at the Altoona, Iowa, location. Jennifer finished her 10 weeks with perfect attendance and then enrolled in FIT. I accompanied Jennifer to her 10-week party and was asked, “So, are you going to join Farrell’s?” and I arrogantly said, “No. I don’t need Farrell’s.” I said that knowing full well my waistline had increased two pant sizes over the last year and was on the verge of increasing again. Swallowing my pride, I enrolled for the next session at the Farrell’s Ashworth location in West Des Moines, Iowa, because I didn’t want my wife to witness my embarrassment.

At orientation testing, I performed the worst I had ever performed, in every metric, and not by a little. It was just the motivation I needed to help me focus on reaching my goals. After almost 10 years of chasing my career aspirations from a cubicle, I had lost sight of how it felt to be challenged physically and the feeling of determination in meeting those challenges head-on and the feeling of victory when overcoming them. My wife was killing it every day, by staying committed to her fitness, running a household and having a career of her own. I admired her commitment. I had no excuse for my physical condition.

Jennifer and I both bought into the Farrell’s program immediately within our respective 10 weeks and fell in love with the Farrell’s community. We loved it so much Jennifer took up coaching in spring 2017. At five-week testing, I agreed to learn to be an instructor. I began teaching resistance training shortly after completing my 10-week challenge and began instructing kickboxing shortly after that. I became a certified Level I instructor for both kickboxing and strength training in 2017. Jennifer has since started teaching resistance training and is learning to instruct kickboxing.

For several years, I had the idea of starting my own insurance agency, though it was not a serious goal because we had a mortgage, car payments, kids, careers. It just felt like that ship had sailed. Still, knowing nothing about what it took to start or purchase an existing small business, Jennifer and I reached out to the Farrell’s corporate office in June 2017 and met with Lance Farrell about the idea of owning a Farrell’s franchise. Our idea was, “What if we could make a living bringing something to people that we have gained so much from, while at the same time accomplishing the dream of owning a business?” We decided the prospect of owning a Farrell’s franchise was worth the effort involved in making that happen.

Our vision aligns with Lance’s vision of inspiring others to live their lives with power and purpose. More precisely, we’d like to help others see the potential we know exists within them, and then, as a community-centered business, provide a vehicle to help them bring that potential to the surface with the result being a life-changing experience.

 New Farrell's Altoona owner Dave Schilling with Lance Farrell

Please help us welcome Dave and Jennifer to our Farrell’s franchise family! For more information about their location, visit their website and follow them on Facebook!

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