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Matt Rollinger Wins Farrell's 2017 Male $10,000 National Challenge

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The Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping National Challenge is a one-year challenge for all members across all Farrell’s locations. During this yearlong challenge, members must take required measurements and fitness tests quarterly throughout the year, submit an essay, and take before and after photos. It’s no easy feat!

We’re excited to announce that member Matt Rollinger from our Farrell’s Cedar Rapids - Boyson location received the surprise of his life from founder Lance Farrell as he presented him with a $10,000 check for winning our male 2017 National Challenge contest.

Matt committed to the Farrell’s program for over a year. He began his 10-week session in the summer of 2016. Upon finishing his 10-week session, he committed to following the Farrell’s program for a full year, entering our National Challenge contest in September 2016.

Matt Rollinger Before and After 

Over a year later, his hard work paid off as Farrell’s awarded him $10,000.

Matt said Farrell’s has helped him reach goals that he previously thought were unattainable.

“The changes on the outside are easy to see, but the ones on the inside are much more impressive,” he said.

Owners Pat and Tamara Thomas described Matt as a hard worker who is “unbelievably dedicated” to his transformation, never cheating on his nutrition for a full year outside of his “fun day.”

Matt’s family is all-in, with his wife, Ann, currently working on her own $10K challenge. His kids are proud of his achievements.

Matt recently went through instructor training and is a participant favorite and inspiration to many, according to Pat and Tamara.

“Matt is an all-around great guy,” Pat and Tamara said. “He motivates and supports fellow classmates; he understands the struggles better than most. To say we are proud of Matt is an understatement!”

Check out the Live video of Lance Farrell awarding Matt his $10,000 check here

Founder and CEO Lance Farrell, Boyson Head Coach Lisa Bata, National Challenge Winner Matt Rollinger and Boyson Owner Tamara Thomas

Congratulations to Matt and all of our 2017 National Challenge participants! Make sure to follow Farrell’s on Facebook as we highlight more of our 2017 National Challenge participants who committed to living Life at Level 10!

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