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How to Help Prevent Memory Loss (You May Be Surprised!)

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When we think of preventing memory loss, we usually think of engaging in cognitive training, such as doing daily problem-solving puzzles to keep our minds sharp. Not a bad habit to have, but it’s one that still hasn’t shown any strong correlation to preventing memory loss.

So is there a way to prevent memory loss?

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has been studying memory loss and released new guidelines to support brain health. A few interesting observations have come out of these studies, including the importance of exercise for brain health.

Exercising just twice a week could improve cognitive decline in older individuals. One study showed adults with mild cognitive impairment who did resistance training twice a week scored better on executive function and associative memory tests than a group that worked on balancing, stretching, and relaxing.1

Another study showed those who continued a twice-weekly exercise program that included strength training, aerobics, or fitness classes scored better on memory and cognitive tests after six months.

Problem solving and brain training didn’t show any conclusive data on improving brain health, but it’s not a bad habit if you enjoy it!

The new recommended guidelines from the AAN for those who are experiencing memory loss is to exercise at least twice weekly.

At Farrell’s, we understand the importance exercise and a healthy diet has on your overall health, especially your mental health. We’ve seen countless members suffering from depression and anxiety able to reduce or eliminate medications. This new research highlights just one more reason it’s important to put yourself first for 45 minutes a day at Farrell’s!




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