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Farrell's Ignited My Desire to Be Active and Healthy

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It’s 4 a.m. and the alarm is going off, what a way to start the day! Both my wife, Sandi, 54, and me, Rodney, 55, begin each day this way as we head to Farrell’s Bettendorf. It has become a habit, second nature if you will, for us each morning.

Why may you ask?

Here is our story. 

Sandi and Rodney

I am a 25-year plus Type 2 diabetic who has never really taken care of myself up until maybe the last 10 or so years. I am a man who was invincible, but with some life scares and events, my view on this disease has changed. I have had to make lifestyle changes. We tried another program for over five years and had some success, but it was taking a toll on myself and my wife’s body. Knee and back pain became everyday occurrences. I lost my mom in March 2017 and I lost my desire and motivation to continue the workouts. That changed as I was reminded that we have a 1-year-old granddaughter who is expecting us to be around for a long time and was gaining a 6-year-old grandson in September. I had a daughter, Samantha, who had been through the Farrell’s program with great success. She encouraged us to try Farrell’s, and that is where our journey took off.

Sandi and Rodney riding motorcycles

Both my wife and I are avid motorcycle riders who need the stamina and strength to ride for hours on end. We live a very active lifestyle and Farrell’s has given us a jumpstart in becoming more active and better prepared to spend time on our bikes and with our grandkids. We love the kickboxing and strength training workouts because they don’t have the negative impact on our joints compared to the high impact workouts of our other program.
At Farrell’s, from day one, they have made you feel like a family with many brothers and sisters to encourage you to do one more sit-up or push-up. What I am most proud of is that in the past 10 weeks, I have gotten to work out again with my wife who has gained muscle, lost weight, and become even prettier than when I married her 32 years ago. My doctor is so proud of me because in the 10 years of treating my diabetes, he has never seen my A1C as low as it is today (from being above 10.0 to now 6.4) or my weight dropping as it has been. I can now see myself getting off the 10-plus medications I must take. I can now see that I will be around for a long time for my wife, children and, most of all, my grandchildren!


Sandi and Rodney after Farrell's


But it isn’t just about how I have transformed. My wife, Sandi, has as well and I could not be more proud of her. To see the smile on her face as she shops for clothes two sizes smaller or having to add more notches to her belts as they have become too big!

We are proud to be Farrell’s FIT Members and would encourage anyone else who is faced with some of the same issues or concerns as us to give Farrell’s a try. Before long, you will be doing things that seemed impossible, just like Sandi and me. Farrell’s has ignited my desire to run a marathon or 5Ks with my wife, which seem impossible only months ago.

Rodney F. is a FIT Member at our Bettendorf, Iowa, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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