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Are You Being Mindful?

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We’re not talking about manners.

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment.

In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves on autopilot, which can result in poor decisions and depressive behaviors.

Practicing mindfulness can help counteract negative thoughts, while reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Research has shown that mindfulness benefits stress and anxiety-related health conditions.

Even better, you can apply mindfulness to all aspects of life, from small, daily activities such as eating and going for a walk, to helping you make big, life-changing decisions.

You’re already mindful of your health by attending Farrell’s. Below are some additional mindfulness habits to incorporate into your daily life.

5 Habits to Start Today: 

  1. Pay attention. Notice and appreciate even the smallest activities throughout your day. For example, slow down and savor your snacks and meals, enjoying each bite individually, noticing the texture, the color, and the taste.
  2. Meditate. Take five minutes a few times each day to focus on you. Meditation has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve our cognitive abilities, and boost self-confidence. 
  3. Listen. Avoid making judgments and focus on listening, not hearing.
  4. Bring your mind back. If you find yourself on autopilot, pause and bring your focus back to the task at hand.
  5. Forgive. Forgive and move on. Whether for yourself or someone else, focus on moving forward and letting go of negative thoughts.

At Farrell’s, we encourage our members to live with power and PURPOSE. Being mindful can help you find that purpose.


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