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3 Reasons Proper Kickboxing Technique is Important

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At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, teaching proper kickboxing form from day one has been very important to us, and still is. All of our instructors and coaches are trained on various techniques to help members avoid injury and hit their Level 10 each class! There are three very important reasons why having good form is critical to the long-term success of your Farrell’s workout.


Farrell's kickboxing class

When we punch and kick with proper form, we execute the techniques in straighter, more efficient lines, which eliminates extra motions. This also gives us better balance. For instance, when punching, we train our instructors and members to start from their cheek, punch in a straight line to the target, then recoil on that same line. It’s an efficient motion that also plays a role in self-defense, protecting your face.

When done incorrectly, such as when the hands drop below the cheeks before punching, your hands now have to travel back up to hit the high punch target. That’s an inefficient motion.

Better workout

A proper stance gives you more balance. That increase in balanced motion allows you to throw punches and kicks with more speed and power, giving your core and major muscles a better overall workout. You’ll notice a difference immediately in your MyZone Effort Points at the end of each workout when balance and efficiency meet!


Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping kickboxing program

From our punches to our kicks, it all begins with a proper stance. We teach a proper Farrell’s kickboxing stance before the first class, so members are in a position to punch and kick the bag with very minimal risk to injury. As classes progress, we begin to move with our punches around the bag, which increases the ability to throw hook punches without risk to shoulder injury.

When performing our roundhouse kicks, to avoid injury, it’s important to have the proper stance and make contact with the bag and the lower shin area and instep part of our foot. What’s critically important is turning the base foot on roundhouse kicks so we are properly aligned from our base foot, to the hip, to the same side shoulder. We teach all of these proper techniques from day one.

At Farrell’s, we pride ourselves on our members’ ability to learn proper techniques that benefit their overall workout to achieve their fitness goals. This is one of the reasons every member begins their Farrell’s journey in a 10-week challenge – to ensure safety, proper technique and the best workout.

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