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Your current workout isn’t working out. Or you just need more motivation and support. Whatever your challenge, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping® can help. Whether you want to lose weight, boost energy or simply improve your overall health, you’ll fit right in, regardless of age or abilities.

Get started with a week of free classes. We're so convinced in our 10-Week Challenge. If you don’t see results, we’ll pay you $500!*

More Than a Gym.
A Community You Can Count On.
Going to Farrell’s isn’t just “going to the gym.” It’s living a more empowered life—physically and emotionally. It’s building endurance with cardio kickboxing and strength training group fitness classes. Learning to fuel your body with personalized nutrition coaching. And finding the guidance to transform the way you look and feel—all in a safe and judgment-free space, surrounded by people who want you to succeed.
Live with Power and Purpose.
Everyone comes to Farrell's for different reasons. But our common goals unite us as a family. You'll experience positive change, achieving personal milestones you thought were out of reach. That's what we call living Life at Level 10®! Be inspired by what our members say. Then write your own success story.
Matt R.
Matt R., Cedar Rapids, IA
“As for the results I have achieved through the Farrell's program, I am happier than I could even begin to explain with words.”
Tracy W.
Tracy W., Iowa City, IA
“I can't be declared fully cancer-free for about five more years and I will be extra vigilant for the rest of my life. But partly because of Farrell's, I can proudly say that today I'm healthy.”
Jeremy E.
Jeremy E., R Plaza, NE
“It's as if I was given another chance at life because of Farrell's - most importantly, a chance to be happy.”
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