Today is LOWER BODY day!


Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping has helped transform 56,568 lives so far (as of June 2013)! Click on any of the videos below to hear our members’ transformation stories.  They're truly living Life at LEVEL 10.

Christine M -
Having an impact others
Merit S -
2010 10k Winner
Todd K -
Great for biking
Chip K -
Farrell's will work
Lori C -
10 Years with Farrell's
James K -
I let myself
Dan D -
Farrell's is my coffee
Kara O -
Didn't like the way I looked
Jenifer H -
Tried staying active
Craig S -
High Blood Pressure
Liz H -
Results after
2 kids
Susin B -
Not sure if I could make it
Michele R -
Anyone can do Farrell's
Gregg G -
Helped with injuries
Tim K -
Boosted work performance
Greta -
Eliminated medication
Chris K -
Likes his new lifestyle
Lynn C -
Got back her confidence
Ellen F -
Husband & Son Join Farrell's
Todd -
Visits with 10k Winners


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