Today is UPPER BODY day!


“We are what we eat” is not that far from the truth for many of us. So much of who you are, and how you feel, is in what you eat. That means, to succeed in losing fat, building muscle, getting lean, improving flexibility, getting strong and healthy is about how you eat.

Creating a healthier lifestyle in the craziness of daily life not only takes effort, but time, commitment, motivation and determination. That’s why Farrell’s nutrition plan is easy to integrate into your everyday life.

The Farrell’s nutrition will teach you how to put together a well-balanced eating plan, that includes both carbohydrates and proteins, so your body will convert the food you eat into the fuel you need for your workouts and for your day. With the Farrell’s nutrition plan, you will be eating six times a day to keep your body satisfied and in “burn mode” all day long.

Individual Results May Vary


Individual Results May Vary

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