Today is UPPER BODY day!


It is impossible to lose fat in certain spots simply from dieting and cardio exercise. But by adding a series of strength training exercises to your weekly routine, your fat storage will decrease and your body will appear more cut and defined.

Most people think of strength training as a way to make their bodies grow bigger. But actually, strength training is simply about increasing the strength of your body, not always its size.

Farrell’s strength training program is an intense anaerobic bands workout that targets your “problem areas” through exercises specifically designed to sculpt and tone your entire body. The Farrell’s strength training workouts are designed to hit each muscle group from a different angle with each exercise to help you gain strength, increase your endurance and improve your muscle tone.

Farrell’s applies the same principles that body builders use to help you develop a well-proportioned body, with the lowest body fat and most defined muscles possible. Strength training will give you the body and shape you want.

In 45-minutes, three times a week, Farrell’s bands workouts will turn you into a calorie-burning machine.

Individual Results May Vary


Individual Results May Vary

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