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Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping can work for anyone.  No matter your age or current fitness level, you can begin where you are, set acheivable goals and succeed in this program.

We can't promise you'll acheive results exactly like the examples you'll see here.  You are an individual, with your own starting point and unique goals and challenges.  Our coaches will help you set appropriate, measurable goals, and we promise to refund every penny of your enrollment fee if you don't get results.

See how Farrell’s changed our $1,000 winners’ lives — in 10 weeks.  

To see the most recent winners’ results and fitness transformations, simply click on the photos below to enlarge.  Use the drop down menu below to search winners by year, by Farrell’s location, by 10-Week Challenge session or by first name.

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Ben A

Andrew B

Bhupinder B
Individual Results May Vary

John B

Tom B

Travis B
Individual Results May Vary

Corrine C

Casey D

Jamie E
Individual Results May Vary

Lief E

Lief E

David F
Individual Results May Vary

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